May 2010

Getting back into the routine, it’s time for another installment of the Friday Link Session. Below you will find links to some of the content I found interesting this week. This should hold you over ’til Monday. Enjoy the weekend!

Social Media Strategy from A to Z

~ Techipedia

Use LinkedIn Effectively

~ Chris Brogan

Why Social Media is Important for Brands

~ Conversation Agent

How To Deal Effectively with Customer Feedback via Social Media

~ Social Media Optimization

Do you know who the mayor of your business is?

~ The BrandBuilder Blog

The crossroads of PR, social media and SEO

~ Cision Blog

What did you think? Let me know in the comments what your favorite posts were this week and I’ll be sure to check ‘em out.

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In recent weeks I’ve posted a couple great infographics on Facebook and Twitter facts and figures. Since you’ve all liked them so much, I’ve decided to try to make that a regular thing on the blog.

OnlineSchools was nice of enough to reach out to me recently regarding their stock of detailed infographics they make. They have graphics on everything ranging from art to health and business. I love posting detailed information like this and I will be posting anything I think will be useful to this community.

The graphic I’ve chosen for today details the rise of social gaming and the company Zynga, which is responsible for some of the web’s most popular games like Farmville, Cafe World, and Mafia Wars. Social gaming is a lucrative industry right now and I have a feeling it’s only going to get bigger with social networks.

Have a look at these amazing statistics. Due to the image’s size I’ve posted it after the break.

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The weekend is shaping up to be a pretty good one. Normally, on Fridays I list several links to interesting articles and videos I’ve viewed over the week that I’d advise checking out over the weekend. Not this weekend.

This weekend I will be doing what most everybody else will be–watching Lost. When you think of television, it is hard to come up with a current show that has become as distinct a brand as Lost. For the last few years, it has been the favorite television show of many, and Sunday it’s all coming to an end.

Enjoy your weekend!

Check out this short video from Square. Square is a technology that allows users to make and accept payments with mobile devices. This essentially allows any person or business to accept credit cards for their products. If this becomes popular (more like when), you will begin seeing the Square brand everywhere, which will allow you to recognize where Square payments are accepted.

What do you think of this technology? Would you be willing to incorporate Square into the selling of your products? If not, why? Answer in the comments below.

I am a big fan of blog content. If you’re reading this, then the chances are good that you are too.

Whether you’re a brand manager, marketer, or just someone looking to make a name for yourself or your product/business, following the right blogs can be a source of free education.

Out of the hundreds of blogs I (try to) follow regularly, I have compiled this list of some of the very best when it comes to social branding.

If you read these blogs regularly, you will learn a lot about brand marketing. Look for more lists like this in the future, as I am always on the hunt for useful content!

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