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The day I discovered this wonderful plugin Chris Brogan happened to write a blog post about how “nifty” it is.

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Today I wanted to talk about a great app I use called WiseStamp. WiseStamp is an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that allows you to take control of your email signatures. And by take control, I mean put your signature on steroids.

WiseStamp allows you to keep track of multiple email signatures, including those for Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and AOL. It enables you to customize your signature with fonts, colors, pictures, and even social links and feeds. Allow me to show you how I’ve used this extension.

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Check out this short video from Square. Square is a technology that allows users to make and accept payments with mobile devices. This essentially allows any person or business to accept credit cards for their products. If this becomes popular (more like when), you will begin seeing the Square brand everywhere, which will allow you to recognize where Square payments are accepted.

What do you think of this technology? Would you be willing to incorporate Square into the selling of your products? If not, why? Answer in the comments below.

There are many ways to market your brand on the social web. You can create videos, host webinars, write ebooks, or chat on social networks. One marketing tool that is often overlooked, however, is the PowerPoint presentation.

That’s right, our old friend Mr. PowerPoint. If you don’t have time to make a fancy video or write an ebook, then maybe you should just make an outline of what you want to convey to your readers. Throw a few interesting graphs up with some pictures and you’ve got yourself a nice slideshow for your audience.

SlideShare is great for this. Slideshare is a website that allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and Word documents to be viewed and shared with their online community. Let’s go over some of the benefits to using SlideShare:

Sharing Your Slides

Making things sharable is what allows for your content to go main stream and find a lot of viewers. Once uploaded, your presentation is a part of the community on SlideShare. Your slides can be favorited, downloaded, emailed, and—most importantly—embedded.

That’s right; your presentation can be embedded all over the web. Take a look at this nice presentation I found on SlideShare:

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When building your community, keeping track of your social brand can be a difficult task. One of the main difficulties you will face is deciding how to divide your time amongst the many networks you have developed a presence in.

In order to keep organized in your social community management efforts, it would be nice if there were applications that can let you manage multiple communities at once. Well, you’re in luck, because those applications do exist and they can be very useful.

Out of all the choices available to you, I have picked the three social media clients you can’t live without. These three have been widely accepted and have been constantly innovating since their inception. Enjoy.

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