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Why can’t Google get social right? Are they trying too hard? We’ve seen products like Google Buzz, Orkut, and Google Wave get rolled out, only to be ignored and forgotten, leaving Facebook time to perfect their product and continue to dominate the social space.

Where is it all heading?

I’ll tell you what I think…

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Facebook recently deleted the boxes on my profile. I only had a few buttons placed there linking to my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, so it wasn’t too devastating, but I’m sure a few other people were a little confused.

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facebook places

Have you already begun seeing place entries in your Facebook feed? Facebook has proven once again that they can jump into something and immediately become one of the top dogs. This got me thinking about their business strategy.

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stick figure working

I recently saw a post by Chris Brogan entitled One Big Traffic Secret in which he made light of the fact that the more you post content, the more traffic you inevitably receive.

This is absolutely true. In fact, it doesn’t even necessarily matter whether the content you produce is even helpful or not. Like Chris, however, I do believe that it is worth it to post something that actually has some value to it, no matter how often you write.

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iron man

“Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk” ~ Iron Man

Can anybody really be considered an “expert” in social media? After all, this stuff hasn’t been around very long. There are certainly people who know a lot about it, don’t get me wrong, but when I think of the term expert, Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule comes to mind.

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