Fail Whale?

by Steve Campbell on October 6, 2010

elegant fail whale

One thing I’ve noticed with using #NewTwitter is I haven’t received any fail whales lately.

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why no follow back

Recently, I’ve gotten a few tweets asking, “Can you please follow me back?”

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profile of a twitter user

Saw this graphic on 9GAG and thought it was interesting. It details 6 different types of Twitter users. Rather than try to explain it, you’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

You can view the full-size image here.

Twitter is undergoing some significant changes.

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stick figure working

I recently saw a post by Chris Brogan entitled One Big Traffic Secret in which he made light of the fact that the more you post content, the more traffic you inevitably receive.

This is absolutely true. In fact, it doesn’t even necessarily matter whether the content you produce is even helpful or not. Like Chris, however, I do believe that it is worth it to post something that actually has some value to it, no matter how often you write.

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